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We look around from where we stand. At where we’ve come, and where we have to go. That familiar feeling starts to set in.
Its time to move,
|onto the next…|
– this is where i ROAM –

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A typical journal is a tool used to store valuable ideas, emotions and inspirations for an individual.  ROAM’s journal is the same, but expressed instead as a public forum.  It is our place to showcase the travels, peoples and ideas that inspire us.

Chaos and Curry – By: Sammy Steen

I was confused by India before i had ever arrived....

The Tide Goes North – By: Terry Ratzlaff

The Tide Goes North is concerned with the complexities of...

The Big Picture – By: Liam Downey

Words: Liam Downey Photos: Sammy Steen Corrugated roofs lined up...

A Day in Bali with ROAM – By: Alyssa Larson

After spending a day with ROAM in Bali I was...

A ROAM photo essay. Weekend in The Roaring Fork Valley

The alarm pulsated loudly.  It was the last thing I...

BeachRoaming – By: Alex Mills

Beachcombing is defined as an activity that consists of an...


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